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Episode 156- PETER SUSCHITZKY- Cinematographer (1 reply)

Reese Brucker
4 months ago
Reese Brucker 4 months ago

Team Deakins sits down with cinematographer Peter Suschitzky (THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BAD, DEAD RINGERS) for a great conversation. We learn that Peter started shooting at a very young age and was printing images in the darkroom at the age of 6! Peter tells us stories from working with the great directors John Boorman, Peter Watkins and David Cronenberg. Peter tells us about interviewing with George Lucas for Star Wars, why he hadn’t seen a single one of Cronenberg’s films before his interview for Dead Ringers, and his collaborations with Peter Watkins. Peter believes it is easy to fall into formulaic filmmaking if you work too much, and to him that is the enemy of creativity. We discuss still photography as it is a huge part of Peter’s life, and how to Peter, capturing a good still is very difficult (perhaps more so than cinematography), though satisfying when it works well. 

You can listen to Peter's episode here!»»

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4 months ago
chrisgeiser 4 months ago

Thanks so much for the amazing podcast. Once upon a time I was  an electrician with aspirations to cinematography. Life got in the way and I am now in the technology field, but the podcast has been inspirational in reconnecting with everything I loved about film. Humorous note, in listening to the Peter Suschitsky episode I looked him up in IMDB as he shot several of my favorite films. Turned out I was a day player electrician for 3 nights on one of his movies. Thanks again, cheers!

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