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Episode 153 - DARIUSZ WOLSKI - Cinematographer (2 replies)

Reese Brucker
4 weeks ago
Reese Brucker 4 weeks ago

Team Deakins has the opportunity to speak with cinematographer, Dariusz Wolski (NEWS OF THE WORLD, THE MARTIAN, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN). We talk about his (and Roger’s) beginnings in music videos and his experiences working with both Tony and Ridley Scott. He tells us he learned to light 360 degrees while working with Tony. We learn a lot of his method of working with Ridley - how Ridley is not afraid of silhouettes and how he likes to draw the movie as a way of thinking and focusing. He shares his experiences on NEWS OF THE WORLD and well as PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. We also talk about the VFX on PIRATES and the experience of shooting movie 2 and 3 at the same time! He tells us his philosophy is not to control everything and even shares a few stories about Conrad Hall (what’s an episode without mentioning Connie?). A fun and insightful episode!  

You can listen to Dariusz's episode here!»»

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Dillon Mak
4 weeks ago
Dillon Mak 4 weeks ago

I really really enjoyed this one, loved Dariusz Wolski's conversational tone, his (relatively) different approach to cinematography and his funny stories into what it's like shooting 3D. 

2 weeks ago
niki-byrne 2 weeks ago

Listened to this episode and then got my friends together for a rooftop screening of IN COLD BLOOD. What a masterpiece! Working my way through Conrad Hall's work and enjoying it very much. 

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