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Episode 142 - RICHARD HOOVER - Production Designer  (No replies)

10 months ago
James 10 months ago

Teams Deakins has a conversation with production designer, Richard Hoover ( 42, GIRL, INTERRUPTED, BOB ROBERTS).  Richard talks about different methods of working with different directors and how he discovers what the director wants. He also illustrates his points with examples from Twin Peaks, Bob Roberts, Dead Man Walking. 42 and The Assassination of Jesse James and the approaches he took. He shares the use of a “look book” for the design and the particular challenges of working on period pieces. He tells us that the content of the scene definitely affects the design and how you can tell the story with the design. We asked about designing against your own personal taste as well as what his greatest design challenge was. It’s a great look into the complex role of the production designer on a film. Don’t miss it!   

You can listen to Richard's episode here!»»

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