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Episode 12 - Dean DeBlois (May 24) (1 reply)

2 weeks ago
James 2 weeks ago

Great episode with Dean DeBlois, the director of Lilo & Stitch and all three How to Train your Dragon films. This is the third part of our Animation series but we don't just stick to the topic of animation. We also dive into directing in general and writing. A very articulate discussion from Dean!

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The Byre
1 week ago
The Byre 1 week ago

A particularly interesting discussion and one not to be missed.  A big thumbs-up for mentioning 'Save the Cat' - a must-read for anyone writing a story in any medium.

Also worth mentioning the creativeness to be found in limitations.  I hope movies never make the mistake too many have made in audio and music in particular - because we can do anything, we end up doing nothing and just circling the drain, looking for a way out of bland sameness!

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