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Episode 116 - PABLO LARRÍN - Director (No replies)

1 year ago
James 1 year ago

Team Deakins sits down with director Pablo Larraín (JACKIE, NERUDA, NO). He shares with us the experience of his first film flopping and all that he learned from that, as well as the “rules” he sets for each individual film and the power of breaking these rules. He talks about his process, his avoidance of storyboarding, his dislike of multiple cameras, and remembering that films based on actual people are still works of fiction. According to Pablo, “when you are shooting, you’re fighting the script, when you are editing, you are fighting the shoot”. We learn a lot about the production of the movie “Jackie,” the production design, the shooting design, and why he chose to shoot in 16mm film. A fascinating look into the mind and process of a talented director!

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