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Episode 106 - CARTER BURWELL - Composer (1 reply)

1 year ago
James 1 year ago

Team Deakins speaks with composer Carter Burwell in this episode. Carter is known for his work on NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, CAROL, and WONDERSTRUCK. We talk in-depth about the experience of working with the Coen Brothers which is where he started his career in composing for film. Working with the Coens is a good challenge because they don’t repeat themselves so it’s new territory every time. He also shares about working with Sidney Lumet on Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead which was a unique experience. We learn how the composer can be asked to help save a scene that isn’t working with the score and how you can do that. We learn a lot about the craft of composing in this episode!

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The Byre
1 year ago
The Byre 1 year ago

I loved this episode!  

Some explanations on some of the terms used -

Spotting - this is when the director sits down with the composer or arranger (or both) and 'spots' the key turning points in a film where specific music cues are to be placed.

Contractor - this is an agency that books the arranger, the musicians, the recording studio, the sound engineers and anybody else required to make the music for a film.  

Selling the music - more than just selling CDs (though this also can happen for the most popular films with interesting scores or accompanying music).  The music can be sold (licensed) directly for advertising and then onwards to music libraries where it can be used for other things such as more advertising, TV programmes, corporate videos and of course for other films.

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