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Episode 104 - TONY JANNELLI - Head of Graduate Cinematography Studies at NYU (2 replies)

Reese Brucker
2 weeks ago
Reese Brucker 2 weeks ago

Team Deakins speaks with cinematographer Tony Jannelli who is the head of the graduate cinematography department at NYU. He walks us through the structure of NYC film school and how the filmmaking is taught. He speaks of how important it is for a young filmmaker to find their own taste and intuition and how NYU works to develop this in their students. After speaking with him, it was clear why so many great filmmakers come out of NYU!

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2 weeks ago
elliottb56 2 weeks ago

I am curious as to what kinds of literature the NYU faculty presents their students with. I've heard mixed reviews on trying to learn about movies from books, some love them and others run from them.

What's your take? And are there any you would recommend? Thank you.

1 week ago
konodi 1 week ago

Roger mentioned that when doing seminars at universities he has noticed students not having seen older and foreign films. Do you have a list of movies you think filmmakers should watch in order to have a better grasp on the history of cinema?

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