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Back to Team Deakins Podcast...

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Thank you, Roger and James, for this lovely gift. You are sharing decades worth of life experience that is truly valuable as a lesson in cinema as well as in how to go about it. Your camaraderie, light-hearted humor, and affection for the craft and for each other is the secret to your endurance. Most people burn out with just one or two movies. You continue to grow exponentially, and each new film that you work on pushes the envelope even further; and if I may say so, you are changing the perception of what is possible within the medium as a whole. The language of cinema is finding new flavors and destinations in your able hands.

Much love,

Tom Thudiyanplackal

P.S. - I have created and attached a profile image for your podcast that I believe captures this energy the two of you bring together in your partnership and your work.

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