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Hi David,

In regards to using 3DLUTs with still images, there are a few options/workflow. Here are a couple.

Photoshop - In Photoshop you can add a Color Lookup Adjustment layer» and use that to apply LUTs to still images. Be sure your working color space/image color space matches the one your LUT was intended for. For instance, if you have a Rec709 LUT, be sure your image and photoshop are operating in Rec709 Gamma 2.4.

Adobe Camera RAW/Lightroom - Another newer workflow allows for the use of 3DLUTs within ACR/LR. However it isn't quite as simple as applying them like a layer. You have to combine them with camera profiles to make what is known as an "Enhanced Camera Profile". The full details can be found here and in their downloadable SDK.»

Just a note, if you try using the ACR/LR method I've noticed an error gets thrown by ACR if the LUT has any blank text lines in it. An easy way to fix that is to open the .cube file in a text editor and delete that blank line and resave the file. It's usually the 2nd line thats blank. 🙂

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