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The Obsession of Natural Light (No replies)

Alan Veucasovic
5 months ago
Alan Veucasovic 5 months ago

Dear Roger,

I'm finding more and more that the light is constantly tempting me to photograph its subjects. I never leave home without my little Fuji X-E2 and a vintage lens, usually my little Auto-Takumar 55 1.8 from 1958.

Are you the same? Is it hard to get through a single day without seeing something beautiful, ugly, or interesting to capture?

Do you take personal time out just to explore with a camera?

I feel like your work (more as time has gone on) either maximizes natural light or looks like it's natural light, which gives it a reality that helps me stay inside the story. 



PS: I've really been enjoying the TeamDeakins podcast! Wonderful mix of guests. To the point of light, I really enjoyed Tom Cross talking about the beam of light carrying a feeling from scene to scene in Sicario as if it was a character in the film.
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