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Rogers' photos taken whilst location scouting (1 reply)

4 months ago
AdamAndACamera 4 months ago

I just listened to the podcast episode on location scouting - thanks a million Roger/James for making this podcast by the way, it's fantastic and really generous of you to share so much knowledge.

I've seen in another post where Roger said that he thinks he has very few photos that "are worth anything at all". 

Firstly I'm sure that's modesty but I can't quite believe that it can be the case.   

Whilst these photos may not be as refined and classically beautiful, well framed etc I imagine that he must have a load of that would be very interesting at many other levels, if nothing else just from a cineastes point of view.

Even if it's really the case that most of these photos are really very practical references I can easily imagine a book of such photos compared to stills from the final films that if well edited and presented could be really interesting. 

I for one would love to see it and some of these scouting shots.


4 months ago
MacReady 4 months ago

I would also love to see these! Not even just from a creative perspective but also from a pre-planning and preparation one too!

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