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10 months ago
nzs_ 10 months ago

Hi Mr Deakins, 

I always have wondered this. What was it that made you fall in love with photography? Was there an inspiration or just the beauty of it?



Roger Deakins
10 months ago
Roger Deakins 10 months ago

That's a hard on to answer as I don't know exactly. I loved painting as a kid and that just led me to photography, to record things I noticed around me. I guess it was quicker than painting.

10 months ago

Hi Roger. Was watching THR Round Table and you mentioned that many people (DP's) don't know the great stills photographers. You reference Salgado and Webb.

Really interested to know what other photographers you take reference from, or just love. And how do you look for photographers that will be relevant to your projects? Is it just trawling the web?


10 months ago

hope you did not get burned by having a Leica M9 with faulty sensor and missed the free upgrade like I did. I upgraded to M262, which is like going back to the M6. But the M8 does have its own magic (sensor and counter especially).
Anyway its not the camera its the photographer as you have proven time and time again. Thanks for the informative website.

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