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Oswald Morris BSC DFC AFC - Rare Photo (No replies)

5 months ago
Mike 5 months ago

Some of you may be interested.

“Ozzie” Morris is on the right of the General. He piloted army High Ranking staff to Crimea to finalise the WW11 hostilities. Although he is still serving in the RAF, he and co pilot wear white civilian aviation overalls, on the left In white are the navigators who also flew with him.

His strength of personality can be clearly seen, his hat is on straight, his white overalls are pressed down to his gaiters and he stands upright for the photo. He wants to impress others and is a credit to his squadron. Photo was for International press.

Aircraft is an Avro York, owned by Freddie Laker (once my boss) passenger version of the Lancaster. These aircraft were part of the Berlin airlift to help save Berliners from starvation. There should be a film about that.
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