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Fred Herzog | Photographer (No replies)

4 months ago
MDK 4 months ago

Good thing I decide to catch up on the forums.Thanks to George for asking that Kodachrome question on "Post & Di" and showing us pictures of Vancouver photographer Fred Herzog. Wow! 

Surprised I missed him after all this time. I took darkroom photography & history of photography in college and never encountered Herzog. Now he's one of my favorites after today. 

Remember taking slide photos in Ektachrome to get better art images and loving the quality. It does seem to heighten oranges reds & blues in this sort of tonally exciting way but never seen many photos from 50's, 60's or that Walker Evans era in color with this kind of eye and design sense. Maybe we've seen this echoed in film in here and there but would like to see more. Would take this sensibility over Imax anyday.

Getting his book from Amazon for my birthday tomorrow.

Nice discovery.
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