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B&W 35mm Films (1 reply)

6 months ago
joedonohoe22 6 months ago

Hi Roger,

I’ve been taking 35mm B&W stills for the past year or so. I’ve experimented with Ilford HP5 film, but I found Tri-X to have a more pleasing and 'finished' look. Maybe it’s the higher contrast? I noticed on your contact sheets at the Beaford Archive that you were using Tri-X, but I remember seeing on this forum that you used Ilford for your most recent stills work. Any particular reason for the switch?

I'm definitely nitpicking here, but I would be interested to hear your experience and opinion of both 35mm films.

Roger Deakins
6 months ago
Roger Deakins 6 months ago

My photography was/is very 'casual' and I just used what was available.

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