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Basically, Intentionally Doing Everything Wrong (3 replies)

1 month ago
MatthewEspenshade 1 month ago

I've been working with this model for the last few months. Needless to say, she's gorgeous; so, we've been trying to put some edge into our work.

This time around, I shot her with my Nikon N80 with a kit lens. This is Kodak Ektachrome 100D slide film. It was shot under tungsten lights, cross processed, and pushed a stop.

I'd love feedback.
1 month ago
Mike 1 month ago

Lighting seems to be rather harsh imo have you tried using softer light, in the fashion world those veins on her forehead will have to go  so a softer image is needed here. The lighting used is not showing her best features, she actually looks dead. This model is new to us so a wider lens is needed so we can see more of her. Perhaps this was your intention just to show her face and hand only you know why you did that but we need to see her whole body to form a judgement. The images are rather dark and the color too rich Imo.
This film format is not ideal for fashion work so upgrading to 120 or 5x4 will present her better. 

The images are not telling a story, the last photo shows her hand pressing on glass so am not sure what this represents. She should have kept her eyes open, that could have been her best feature, eyes are one thing you do not miss out, they give the viewer an insight into her inner character, they are paramount to telling a story.

Nice photos but unsure of what you were really trying to say! 
Only my opinion ofcourse so don’t take it personally.


Anybody else like to make a comment of two.

simon m
1 month ago
simon m 1 month ago

I find your technique interesting. And I quite like your photos. As you mention, you've intentionally gone against convention at every turn, most likely to produce unconventional photos!

The main question is do you like them, and do they represent what you were trying to achieve? I think experimentation like this is crucial. I'm not certain, but I believe Roger created the first bleach bypass process for a film. Could be wrong there.

1 month ago
TWSILK 1 month ago

The most interesting one to me that makes me ask questions and gets a response from me is the last image, although I am not sure what you are trying to express.  Are you trying to do fashion/model or are you trying to tell me something about this person, either real of fictionalized.  To be honest the cross processing and shifting didn't do much to me maybe because of the lighting but there are some who have done this quite successfully with portraits and commercial photography.  I recommend you check out Jack Pedota's photography, he had a look with cross processed film and other films.  He did some some very interesting things with infrared film and when he did the Batman Returns poster photos Michelle Pfeiffer's lips were actually blue. Here's his facebook page.»

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