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Analysing great photographers to help with cinematography (2 replies and 2 comments)

7 months ago
Nk 7 months ago

Hello sir,
I am practising and learning photography professionally for a few years now and i am trying to learn cinematography on my own. I had read discussions here on favourite photographers to follow. I wanted to ask about a basic approach i can follow and analyse their art specifically for cinematography. Looking at their usage of space, stories in photo and practising on field has improved my street photography skills. Is there a refined way of analysing their art particularly with respect to cinematography. It would be great if you could show a way which i can follow and research more on that aspect. Also, i would like to say thank you for the website. It helps me a lot. 
Thank you.

Roger Deakins
6 months ago
Roger Deakins 6 months ago

I am not big on analyzing. I know the photographs I like and the photographers whose work inspires me. I look at a photograph taken by Alex Webb his use of composition and color seems about perfection to me. To somebody else the same image might not have the same resonance. So it goes!

6 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion sir. I realise that the only key is more and more practice. As, I have practiced , i feel i perceive better than the last year but practice is required consistently. Thank you for the advise sir.

Sarath R
6 months ago
Sarath R 6 months ago

Hi sir.... I have some doubts regarding neon lighting.. Can you explain? 

1: How to create a soft red or blue or green soft light to entire room without any shadows.... For red color lighting which color costume is good for actors.. This particular scene is romantic.. Both male and female are inside the room... Please suggest the costume and background also for this scene... 

2 : How to create a fake police vehicle light through the window ?

3 : Which lights are good for neon lighting setup like kinoflo or dedo or softbox etc? 

Please suggest some ideas to me sir.. Thanks in advance... 

Sai Bhimaneni
6 months ago

Hi Sarath,

I have lit a room in the past, using the neon lights, and I would like to give my suggestion regarding the same.

1. For the red color neon lights, try any costumes that are little on darker side, since it elevates the skin tone of the actors (Assuming they are fair, or else going for red neon color would be disaster).

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