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Whether it’s film or digital, buy a camera that feels right for you, you must love your camera and lens system. If it feels right, then it must be right. Go to your local camera shop and handle the merchandise, check out the battery system not just the duration but how easy it is to recharge and how difficult is it to buy additional battery’s. It’s the same with film camera’s, powering on the move can be a problem so make sure you always carry spare batteries. Buying a camera is very personal, it takes time to know the operating parameters not just for the camera but more importantly the lens. You may have to buy a number of camera’s before you choose a favourite, it does take time.

I have a large collection of old cameras and new digital ones too, although the new ones deliver outstanding images, It never feels right as the camera does all the thinking, I like to use a mechanical camera where I choose the settings which is why I always reach for the vintage battered and rusty film types that really work for me. Hearing the mechanicals and shutter ‘clatter’ in unison works for me every time, I like a camera to have a heart and soul, I think it shows in the final image. 

You must love using your camera and the camera will love you!


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