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Working with John Higgins (gaffer) (1 reply)

11 months ago
LeoLotz 11 months ago


I'm currently writing a master's thesis about the job of gaffer. As John Higgins is working a lot with you, I have some questions.

What makes him a good gaffer? Is it because he has a strong artistic sense of lighting? Is it because he perfectly knows the equipment? Is it because he totally understand the way you creates your lighting and he can now anticipate? It may also be the fact that you are planning together meticulously before shooting, or the fact that he's good at managing a crew...

I would be pleased if you can tell me more precisely about that.

Thank you for your time!


Roger Deakins
11 months ago
Roger Deakins 11 months ago

John is a really great guy. I met him when I was shooting a 'Genesis' music video and he was the rigging gaffer. We first worked together on a feature on '1984', which was over 34 years ago. He is a brilliant Gaffer because he is so passionate and so meticulous in his way of working. Because of who he is he has a great crew of people that are also great friends. He is also very 'production friendly', by which I mean that he will always make things work in the most efficient and economical way.

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