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Working relationships with other heads of departments. (1 reply)

12 months ago
JosMo 12 months ago

Hello Mr. Deakins and or anyone else reading,

So, more and more I have become concerned not only on how I light my subjects and surroundings but on the subjects and surrondings themselves.

I guess if I was to put it simply the question would be how much of a say should a D.O.P. have in production design and wardrobe decisions.

What kind of a working relationship should I establish with the head of these departments to get the images I want? Should I tell them what I expect from them or just push them in the right direction and hope for the best?

Thank's in advance for any insight on the matter.



Roger Deakins
12 months ago
Roger Deakins 12 months ago

I think those relationships can only be worked out on every specific job. Often it is up the director as to how much involvement the cinematographer has regarding the set designs, wardrobe etc. etc. In general I have found that a director will want the cinematographers input and, of course, I think the more close the collaboration is the more it pays off on screen.

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