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What one wears to work. (4 replies)

7 months ago
cvalds 7 months ago


You've talked about the 10 shirts you have in your closet that you wear to work. 

I have a feeling you'll say it doesn't matter the brand (or rather, why should it matter) but I've worn through one too many oxfords in too short a time on set and I need some help.

I'm looking for a brand recommendation. Do you have one you return to or are your 10 just a mix of different types?

Roger Deakins
7 months ago
Roger Deakins 7 months ago

I just go to the mall like most people. Nothing special.

7 months ago
jthomsg 7 months ago

I once read an article where everyone on the set of a Coen brothers film dressed up like Roger Deakins, with long sleeves, jeans, and boots. Don't remember the production where that happened...

6 months ago
rjortiz 6 months ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one that wears Oxfords on set. I feel too unprofessional in a t-shirt. I'll at least say my Stafford shirts have been tried and true to me. However, due to their price, I usually wait until there's a good sale on them in bulk and just get the varying colors. If I could wear the same thing every day, I would.

6 months ago
Mike 6 months ago

Gant make superb Oxford type shirts but is rather expensive at £85.00. It is a heavy twill weave and will last a long time. There are other great brands out there some more expensive, some less expensive. If you want the shirt to last, then it will have to be a heavy weight cloth to withstand the constant washing cycle and ironing.

Marks and Spencer brand UK sell Oxford shirts in all sizes and cost only £19.95. The shirts are well made using a heavy weight cloth and the cuffs actually fit your wrist. Many well known shirt brands have small cuffs despite generous shirt sizes. I can recommend Marks and Spencer shirts for longevity. They sell online and I understand they may ship for free! This is not an advertisement but I am just sharing my experiences of saving money.

I bought half a dozen today for Santa to deliver down my chimney!

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