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Visualizing the script on first reading (1 reply)

7 months ago
Nareg.A 7 months ago

Hey Roger, 

After reading a segment on analyzing a script in the most recent A.C. magazine, most of the cinematographers interviewed said that when they receive a script and read it for the very first time, they try not to visualize it until they read it a second time or discuss it with the director.

Following that, have you ever personally forced yourself to hold back visualizing a script in your head when you read it for the very first time?, if so, do you think that it gets easier and more effortless to avoid as your experience grows?   

Thank you

Roger Deakins
7 months ago
Roger Deakins 7 months ago

It's hard to actually suppress images that a good script can inspire and it is good that you have such a response. I think the real point is that it is important to keep your mind open until you know the director's point of view.

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