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Steady Cam Shot (3 replies and 1 comment)

Sarath R
1 month ago
Sarath R 1 month ago

 I want to take a 1.30 mins single take ..The person is walking ,the camera follows him slowly ,he is doing some common stuff and walking ...Suddenly something trouble is happened ,so he is running , I want to shoot this running position handheld ...


The camera slowly follows the character ,suddenly i want to change that smooth movement into handheld without any cuts ...Is it possible in steady camera or gimbal ?...If its not ,is it possible to bring this movement in post ...



1 month ago
Mike 1 month ago

All depends on which camera type you are referring.

There are hundreds of Steadycam type rigs on the market for light weight camera’s and they are really cheap, some work well and some don’t. You can hang your camera on two pieces of string that will give some form of vertical stabilisation so experiment first.

If I was filming that scene I would take a series of shots of the man running, rear view and side view and perhaps make it more ‘jerky’, I would then cut those shots up in editing to make it more dramatic.

It all depends on the script!

1 month ago

I meant to say that I would take perhaps10 shots of the man running, side face, side body, side arm etc then edit them tightly so you have a series of shots of the various parts of his anatomy moving about the frame rather than a continuous single wide
shot. This will indicate the erratic and urgency of his running. It’s how you cut it that’s important.

The Byre
2 weeks ago
The Byre 2 weeks ago

Easy-peezy!  Just have the camera lightly Velcro'ed to a dolly or short jib on a truck or whatever you are using and then, when the hectic stuff begins, have the cameraman grab the camera and run with it.

Roger Deakins
4 hours ago
Roger Deakins 4 hours ago

Velcro, a magnet or just a hook on the dolly to take the camera off from.

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