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Shotlisting with Directors (1 reply)

Nic Inglese
6 months ago
Nic Inglese 6 months ago

Hi Roger,

Can you describe your approach to shotlisting? Obviously it varies with each director, but how much control and input do you like to have when designing shots?


Roger Deakins
6 months ago
Roger Deakins 6 months ago

As you say, the way things happen depends on the director. I find in every instance that shot listing is a collaboration and I am sure I must be hired for my ability to construct a scene efficiently and creatively. Otherwise, why am I there? Sometimes the prep period is important to the final design of shots and sometimes everything happens during the blocking of a scene with the actors on the shoot day. The choice of location and the design of a set will also impact the way a scene. This and how it relates to the 'look' of the film and of a particular scene is all part of pre production discussions.

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