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Shooting on water or in vehicles (1 reply)

12 months ago
l3urzz 12 months ago

Dear Roger,

I just watched ''Unbroken'' again and came up with a question. I get seasick quite fast. I recently shot a scene in the back of a car, handheld, and felt quite ill afterwards. 

How do you coop with this as a professional DOP? How do you shoot on water or in vehicles if you get sick fast? This is something that bothers me a lot. Makes me nervous every time I have to shoot a scene like that.

Kind regards,
Thomas Leur

(attached is one of the shots I made on the boat, for fun!)
J. Roxbrough
12 months ago
J. Roxbrough 12 months ago

I also get motion sick very easily, so I feel your pain! Dramamine has always helped me. 

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