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Producers and cinematographer: what's your point (1 reply)

7 months ago
mindscrapper 7 months ago

Hi everyone! Didn't know where to post the starting topic exactly so let it be here in Set stuff.

Everyone of us who works in industry surely knows it is not unusual that the hardest ( and unpleasant sometimes) part of our job is to convince producers of doing this or renting that or buying this stuff is an absolute necessity.))) There are so many ways of persuasion but I wonder what is your personal road map of doing it? Maybe some funny stories? 

The question is primarily  to Roger but everyone else is strongly welcome! Thank you

Roger Deakins
4 months ago
Roger Deakins 4 months ago

Difficult question to answer without getting into specifics! Yes, one has to be imaginative sometimes when trying to convince a producer that you need a certain piece of equipment. I remember trying to convince a producer that I needed three Musco lights for a night shoot. To do it I said we could shoot shoot more quickly if we had them, which was actually true. After all, time is money and schedule is all important. He only allowed me to have two but that was all I really needed and I knew if I had asked for two I would have only been allowed the one.

On the extreme end I was told by a producer that I needed a gear head for a shot we were shooting on a long lens. That producer didn't imagine that I knew how to use a gear head as this was early in my career and I was a film school graduate. Not something so easily accepted by the industry at the time. So we got the gear head and I set the shot, which was a completely static shot. He never did find out if I knew how to operate that head. Actually, I had spent hours at film school practicing with a gear head and I could even write my name with one.

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