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Poly boards (1 reply)

9 months ago
garyli 9 months ago

Hi Roger,

I'm just curious what type of poly boards you usually use on set as there's someone told me that the raw surface poly boards are poisonous. Do you have any coating on them?

Thank you Roger!

9 months ago
Mike 9 months ago

Not Roger,

They are sold worldwide and seem to be quite safe when handling but eating one could be hazardous as they are not digestible being made of expanded foam. They are also used by builders and are superb for insulation. They come in all sizes thick and thin.

btw. A friend of mine once made a two seat aircraft made from the stuff, wings and all and performed aerobatics. He left the aircraft in a field for a few weeks and discovered some cow’s eat the rudder, they lived with no ill health, apparently!

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