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Roger, I was reading one of your other posts about combatting fatigue with fitness.

I think the idea of fitness seems overlooked. A few of my DP buddies and I are bike racers, and we always joke about how hard it is to stay fit during projects. One standing joke we have is "Always be your own craft services."  On your films, you might have some control over you diet requests, but for us, we bring our own health foods. 

You aren't anything without your health.

In that post you mentioned you try to get "fit as possible" between projects.  If you have a second, I would love to know what you do in terms of fitness in general, and if you have anything  you do specifically for camera work and creative inspiration. 

Thanks much, we've got a crew of creatives together to catch 1917 when it hits the theaters.  Looking forward to it!


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