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Next movie (1 reply and 1 comment)

3 months ago
BIECHONG 3 months ago

Hi roger,

I wander what's your next movie, will you be the DP of Dune2? I do hope to see your cooperation with Denis Villeneuve.

Roger Deakins
3 months ago
Roger Deakins 3 months ago

I am on a film called 'Empire of Light' for the time being.

3 months ago

Hi, Roger. I'm glad you're DP  on 'Empire of Light'
Do you encounter something new when shooting a new movie?
I know it's always new because it's a new movie
I mean does that make you think more?
Of course the whole team
Are there things you wanted to do but something was missing..
For example, lack of budget appliances and lights that do not exist cameras, etc.
Roger, what do you think about the sound fx and music of the movie, what% does it take from the whole picture?

Sorry for my English

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