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Mentorship in modern film. (2 replies)

Gustavo Perez
6 months ago
Gustavo Perez 6 months ago

Q - Has anyone had something of a traditional Mentorship/ apprentice experience as they learned cinematography?


To artificially inflate the word count and make this slightly more infuriating to read let me give some context to the question. Before I decided to go to a film school I went to Pre-Med. While there I became a surgical assistant to a Physician where I spent many hours observing, reviewing cases, and was given intimate one on one access to my mentor to ask questions and discuss what had been done that day in depth. 

I found that this way of learning REALLY worked out for me as it gave me the opportunity to expedite my learning, whilst allowing me to make my own mistakes in a safe environment suturing bananas in my free time (saved quite a few bananas back in my day).

Do these kind of mentor/ apprentice relationships exist in film ? if so, have you had any?

The Byre
6 months ago
The Byre 6 months ago

That's a really good question because it is the surgeon who decides who is in the theatre, but on a film set or TV studio, all sorts of people may object to an apprentice floating around!  I have a similar question, but I have decided to put it in a new thread as it is somewhat different - about how to decide what to do in film.

6 months ago
harsanger 6 months ago

As far as I know, local 600 offers a mentorship program for union members. You need to be at least an advanced cinematographer to get assigned to a mentor though. They would teach you detail oriented and not from scratch. You can also look for trainee positions, sometimes productions offer them. 

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