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There is nothing to stop you from picking up a decent camera and a set of lenses and making that killer documentary. The World is your oyster! There are so many stories to tell! So much to do!

There are stories everywhere and in the most unlikely places! One of the guys working here made a programme about his own father. It became a series and a book and he is now working on a second series»

Everywhere I look around me, I see stories. Bands on the road, sleeping in their vans, touring America, touring Europe. Some of them are just crazy people.

Go undercover and get a job in a nuclear power station being taken apart - that is a whole money-making scam waiting to be exposed! Wear a GoPro and film all those people getting high wages for doing nothing! Ask yourself why!

Go to donkey sanctuaries and film what is really going on! Tip - try offering them a home for their donkeys and horses and you will be told that each and every animal is so ill that they cannot be moved - but they still need lots of money to cope with all those poor ponies and donkeys! Ask yourself why!

Go to Berlin and film the Polizie just ignoring drug deals in the middle of the city. Nigerian gangs dealing in 'Baggies of White' and 'Big-H' in broad daylight and nobody does a thing! Ask yourself why!

Take your car to any car dealership and punch a little hole in a vacuum hose so that it loses power and watch them diagnose a blocked particle filter almost every time! Ask yourself why!

Look at the career of Matthew Heineman - he just picked up a camera and got going!»

If you don't want to make documentaries, get together with others and first learn how to write a movie script and then make a movie about one of the above subjects - or something else! Whatever bugs you!

Just remember - fortune smiles on the brave!

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