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Fortune smiles on the brave!

The World is full of wage-slaves.  I wanted to be a wage slave, but nobody wanted me as a wage slave!  Him?  That fool?  We'll pass!

I got remarks like "You should have been here at eight o'clock!"

"Why?  What happened?"

I won't give you my life story, but because I always had to fly by the seat of my pants, I was able to retire before I was 50 and set up my own operation running a post-prod facility and recording studio.  We are now moving into making movies 'just for fun' (which is why I am here and learning!)

On a side note, I have attended so many courses and seminars on putting a movie together and NOTHING, but nothing is as useful as Roger's breakdown of how to light a scene - look at the train scene for Jesse James - that has totally changed how we are going to approach a scene in our first movie.  If I could shoot a scene that turns out only a quarter as good, I could die a happy bunny!  (As for 2049, don't even go there - nobody could touch that!)

I'll post the rest tomorrow - duty and the wife calls!  

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