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Help! Need some advice. (2 replies)

3 days ago
whitescale 3 days ago

I'm thinking about starting out a career in production but I feel I'm late to the game, I'm 40 now, I've been shooting as a news videographer.  However, my passion is to shoot films.  Is it possible to make it to a DP level without going to film school and entering at my age, starting out as a Production Assistant?  Where do I even start if I decide to take this step?

3 days ago
roguerunner 3 days ago

Hi, I think it's never too late to pursue your passion and it sounds like it would be perfectly possible to achieve. It sounds like you already have a camera and (I presume) sound equipment... which means you can spend your weekend experimenting with composition and lighting. Much more useful way to progress than becoming a production assistant. After all it's only through practice that any of us learn how to approach a situation. Surely there are also other colleagues who have similar ambitions - can you pair up with a director? Are their some wannabe actors in your area? All of us start at zero and learn through practice. Age need not be an impediment. You may be 40 years old but maybe you also have 40 years of your career ahead of you.


The Byre
3 days ago
The Byre 3 days ago

Get together with others who also want to enter the film game and make a movie.  Enter it in festivals and take it from there.  

You only regret all the things in life that you didn't do!

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