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Getting work? Agents (1 reply)

4 months ago
KevinP 4 months ago

Hey Roger and everyone, I was curious on everyone’s input on finding an agent. 

I’ve been a Cam Op in TV for over 10 years.  I’ve just completed my 2nd feature film as a DP and I’m trying to navigate finding more narrative work.  My TV work has no connection to narrative type films so I’m at a loss as to go about finding another film.  Both of these films are in post now, so the directors won’t be doing another project for a while.  

does anyone have any leads on agents or other ways to find narrative work? 

I’ve  attached some stills from the two films if anyone is curious.  


The Byre
4 months ago
The Byre 4 months ago

Have a look at DoPs that are ahead of you and find out who their agents are and contact those agents.

Agents - A friend of mine once commented "When you need them, they don't really need you.  When they need you, you don't really need them!"

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