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Film student curious about filmmaking with ADHD (3 replies and 1 comment)

3 months ago
JasonB 3 months ago

As a person with ADHD I've found that I process creative information and work differently than many people around me and my professors as they are neuro typical. So I've had to find my own work arounds to come to similar points as everyone else. I was wondering if anyone happens to know of any professionals or someone is one (and comfortable sharing), either in lighting camera or directors with ADHD and how that has affected not only how they work but how you work with them. Since I'm worried that in the future if I get to work on a feature or something more long term that I will be able to keep working at my best even if my interest has dissapeared, not that whatever I'm making has become uninteresting but more that my brain has decided it's had enough.

(Tried to clarify hopefully it helps)

3 months ago
Anca 3 months ago

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Steven Spielberg has ADHD. You might want to look up what he has to say about this. 
Most jobs on set don’t require you to concentrate on one thing for extended periods, you’re always talking to people, liaising with other departments, telling your crew what you need from them, doing a shot, resetting, you’re switching your attention between different things all the time. You’re not sitting in front of a laptop pouring over the same document for hours. I don’t know if this helps.

Also, we might not know if we worked with someone with ADHD. People don’t necessarily inform you of this. You meet people who think differently from you but you don’t always know why. 

3 months ago

Ah, sorry I don't think my question was clear enough, I was thinking less of a specific job thing but more of a creative process of working on a film since adhd doesn't just affect concentration, (short term memory, long lasting interest in something you are really interested in doing). Less of just thinking differently and more of processing certain things differently and at different paces than others.
Yeah, I figured most people wouldn't say whether or not they have adhd as like a below the line person but was still hoping someone would have.
I will check that out though about Spielberg thanks. (He has dyslexia but thanks for mentioning it)

The Byre
3 months ago
The Byre 3 months ago

Everybody has something, so we are all performing workarounds!

2 months ago
tedsuo 2 months ago

Hi Jason.

Just some ADHD advice around creativity and performance that I've found from personal experience.

Collaborate creatively with other people. For whatever reason it can be easier to motivate doing something for someone else than doing it for yourself. I don't know why, but this appears to be true for a lot of people with ADHD.

Work under pressure. ADHD creates a deficiency which lowers dopamine/norepinephrine levels below the threshold necessary for executive function. Pressure naturally raises those levels. I'm noticeably sharper and on point when working under pressure. If I have a month off and want to stay creative, I need to find a way to create that pressure for myself.

Don't ever use ADHD as an excuse for anything, but don't hide it either. People will pick up on it either way, and creating an understanding goes a long way towards building trust.

Drugs can really help with ADHD; I had a chip on my shoulder and refused to take them for a long time, but the right drugs can really smooth things out.

Hope that helps, apologies if any of that was obvious or something you already knew.

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