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Does it matter if you went to film school? (1 reply and 1 comment)

5 months ago
drguggenheim 5 months ago

Hi everyone and Mr. Deakins,

I suppose this question was asked a lot of times but still I would love to hear your take on this.

Does it matter if or where you did go to film school in the real world? Or is it much more important how much stuff one has made, work experience and ethics, proof of delivering what you offer as a director of photography?

I am now a film student myself and this question crosses my mind all the time...

Thanks and have a great day or night!

James Parsons
1 month ago
James Parsons 1 month ago

As a “not a film school graduate” with an active career in the film industry, I will say that it’s absolutely not _necessary_ to go to film school.

As “not a film school graduate” who had to learn everything on the fly and make all my connections and entrees into the business on my own, it is absolutely wonderful to go to film school.

also, school in general is great. You get to learn and play and practice and fail and learn some more all day long. Enjoy it!


1 month ago

In archives there are numorous discussions about the merits of going to film school.
Certainly worth trolling through. Many comments were by Roger.

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