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Directing a more experienced crew (1 reply and 3 comments)

Pedro G
2 months ago
Pedro G 2 months ago

Hello Roger and everybody in the forum

I have just entered the production of a short film as the director. Quickly, I saw that I am entering a project with a lot of people a lot more experienced and knowledgeable than myself.

We are in pre-production right now and things are going reasonably well, but I get insecure very frequently

Any advice on dealing with this situation? I am very anxious about how to deal with things once the shooting starts

Thanks in advance


Jacob W.
2 months ago
Jacob W. 2 months ago

Hey Pedro. If you don't mind me jumping in on this question, as I feel as though I'm always in your same mental state in this biz. And I write this to myself as well.

I've spent the majority of my first years in the film industry on set, surrounded by people who quite literally have been working on films for longer than I have been alive. My first experience on set I was thrown into the fire of a Marvel movie mid way through the shoot I was 22 and I was the only person in my department on set. (Granted there wasn't much for my department to do, but still, I was spinning) Talk about insecurity walking around.

And it was something I recognized and tried to learn more about.

I have found through working with people twice my age and twice my experience, that generally everyone is there to accomplish the same goal and people seem willing to bestow knowledge and answer questions. They recognize inexperience but also recognize eagerness to learn. Rely on the people with more experience. Trust their experience and look at it as a true resource and benefit you have at your disposal.

Terry Gilliam gave Quentin  Tarantino amazing advice before he shot Reservoir Dogs. And that was -- as the director your job is to convey and articulate your vision. Everyone else's job is to help you achieve that vision. They should have more experience and savvy in their own respective departments because that's their specialty. So as the director if you can harness their high levels of knowledge and expertise and convey your vision, then you use their experience and your inexperience as a ying-yang benefit. 

At least that's how I am attempting to navigate and proceed into the uncharted waters. 


I hope the more experienced people can jump in as well and give great insights.


2 months ago

“Ying Yang”. Would that make my car go faster? I must get some!

Pedro G
2 months ago

It seems obvious, but i havnt thought about it this way. That everybody is there to achieve the same goal.

What Gilliam said to Tarantino is actually very helpful. I might not know what fixtures to use, but i know what the final result should be. I suppose that if i am clear in my explanations things are gonna go well.

Thank you

I just hope i can get through this with a good short film and my sanity intact

The Byre
2 months ago

As the director, your main focus has to be on the actors and if they are new to film, to get them to tone it right down. Good luck!

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