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Digital Utility Tech self schooling material that's affordable (1 reply and 3 comments)

6 months ago
Terraodre 6 months ago

Hello! So I wasn't able to go to collage for numerus reasons and just last year I was finally able to move somewhere with a more active industry (New Mexico) I keep hearing about productions flying in camera utilities because they cant find any here. I think I would do ok as a utility but while I look for work and pick up PA / G&E jobs Id like to educate myself as much as possible on JUST utility tech rolls. Everyone wants to work in camera and I want to be just as prepared as everyone else if not more. all the material I've seen is about 1st or 2nd AC I don't see anything specifically about utility's or loaders. any resources you can offer would be great! 

Al Duffield
6 months ago
Al Duffield 6 months ago

I believe ARRI still have a UI simulator that lets you get familiar with the cameras menus and options. Definitely worth doing if you can't get hold of a physical camera. 

Also, if you can find work as a camera-prep in a rental house you'll get all the technical training you'll need, and a few contacts, all while being paid.

And a friendly word of advice, if I may. It may feel like everyone wants to work in camera, but the reality is far from the truth, don't diminish others roles or interests by saying camera is the most desirable, just that it's your most favoured 🙂

6 months ago

Thanks for the advice! I do know people have passions for other departments as I have made friends in many. it may be that it is just my most favored. Ill keep that in mind moving forward.

I do visit the Arri website now and then as well. I think its a great site.

If your willing to spare the time, I would like some more advice when it comes to camera prep at rental houses. there are three camera rental places where I live. one said they were looking for more people to train and requested a resume, after emailing it later that day, I heard nothing.
After following up a couple weeks later they told me they no-longer needed help but might later on. I figure this is due to the fact that the industry here slows down rapidly during November - December and plan to follow up again. Another says they will be hiring some more people in a couple months and to send a resume (I haven't yet). And the last one I haven't reached out too yet. I have been trying hard not to be a nascence to anyone so I haven't been following up much and am trying to find the best way to reach out to them. My resume is pretty lack-luster right now and I'm not sure if thats why im hitting a dead end there. what other things can I do to get them more interested in Training/working with me? I also didn't know about some of these rental houses until the local 600 BA recommended I reach out. Thanks again for the advice!

The Byre
6 months ago

A word of advice about applying for a position. Immediate action pays!
Story - We had a three-month opening for a trainee audio tech and I got an emailed resume from some girl. I said OK, come past and we'll talk.

Three days later up popped a small blond fresh-faced thing with an American accent. She seemed very keen and eager to learn, so we shook hands on the deal and I told her that she could start 1st of the next month - en-suit lodging and food included if she needed it.

She told me that she had just flown in from Virginia for the interview.

We are in Scotland.

6 months ago

“En-suit lodging and food included”, I’m on my way! I have a choice of wigs!

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