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Career options outside of Film/TV? (1 reply)

5 months ago
EurekaMoment 5 months ago

What are potential careers outside of Film/TV that someone with a camera assistant's skillset could consider?

The Byre
5 months ago
The Byre 5 months ago

Unfortunately, today, the skillset of a camera person means that the only career you can carve out is the career you carve out for yourself.  There are no 'jobs' out there, so you are forced to be self-employed in nearly all parts of the world.

Another aspect of recent technological developments is that everyone seems to be a camera person.  If you can spring a few dollars/pounds/euros for a 4K bridge camera, you have a better camera than any TV or film studio could get their hands on 15 years ago.  Add to that free or cheap software like Resolve, Vegas, Hit Film, etc., etc., that all have very sophisticated post tools and you have much the same situation we had with audio and music 20 years ago.

Here in the UK, we have about 4,000 graduates every year (so I suppose in the US it will be about five times as many!) who can lay claim to an accredited degree in film studies and you have a veritable army of wannabe Roger Deakinses marching lemming-like to the cliff-edge of shelf stacking!

That said, a good career can be had for those with a good business mind.  Corporate videos, music videos, how-to and sales videos and things like that are being commissioned and made.  I know of a Texas property company that even has a permanent staff of three filmmakers just to sell their houses - one lighting, one camera and one audio person.

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