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Camera Trainee/PA's (2 replies)

1 year ago
mattrichards 1 year ago

Hey All,

I recently spoke to a First AC that told me apparently the Union are making it harder for Trainee's to get hands on experience by not allowing a Camera PA to be hired. 

Is this becoming a thing? 

At the moment I'm personally trying to transition from the Photography Industry in NYC to pursue film and AC - I'm trying to get as much on set experience as possible, any advice or pointers?

Connor Ryan
1 year ago
Connor Ryan 1 year ago

I'm not union, and I haven't heard about this, but my advice would be to start on indies. You can often find union guys working on non-union indie films (depending on the rules). Either way, it's a great way to learn and and get hands on experience, especially lower-budget indies that are a bit short staffed. If you are worth your salt, the connections you make will be invaluable.

1 year ago
ollopc 1 year ago

I don't know much about the NYC industry right now, but if it's anything like LA there's a stupid amount of non-union camera jobs available. Interestingly, a ton of music videos are shooting on 16mm right now, so if you know anything about loading or operating Arri 416s or SR2/3s, then there's a niche right there. 

Work non-union gigs, get your hours, and then apply for union membership. Or don't. But either way, the more you work, the more people you meet - and the more experience you'll have. 

Usually, exceptional work on one show can lead to a few months worth of work. Give them a reason to hire you again, and they usually will. 

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