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Calculating data storage (1 reply and 2 comments)

2 years ago
Do_oM 2 years ago

Heya team,

I'm about to go in on a job as a Data Wrangler and it's been long enough for me in between wrangling to lose touch with a reasonable estimate of calculating ROUGHLY what sizes of storage space I should be looking at considering the following:

- TV series (53 shooting days)

- 1 camera shoot

- Alexa shooting ProRes 4444 2k on SxS cards (64gb and 32gb) (standard drama, nothing particularly excessive frame rate wise)

I'm fighting to get a more exact idea but no one can get back to me with a shooting ratio, script length or any other idea aside from what I know above.

SO, I'd be keen to hear if there are any estimates out there from people with a better memory/ more experience than me.

otherwise, would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction of some resources that have a method for working out a vague calculation based on those bare essentials. Is there a rule of thumb?


Jacob Sacks-Jones
2 years ago
Jacob Sacks-Jones 2 years ago

AJA DataCalc app is useful for calculating storage space based on footage time. If you shot just under 2 hours every day you'd be looking at 55.7TB.

2 years ago

My last job also was an Alex-Shoot (1 Camera, ProRes 4444, 2K and around 2 hours of data a day,) with only 30 shooting days and we got 7,5 TB of data in the end.
In your case this would be around 14-15 TB of data at the end of production.

Jacob Sacks-Jones
2 years ago

You're right, I was calculating based on Amira UHD not 2K! 100 hours of 2K at 4444, 25fps should be about 21.4TB.

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