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Apprenticeship (1 reply)

1 year ago
nealclement 1 year ago

I didn't see an exact category for this but I assume this one would be most fitting. 


Do you have any advice for acquiring apprenticeships or mentors for young professionals working in the film industry?

In my case, I'm a self-taught cinematographer still developing my aesthetic and building my portfolio. I've been learning from working on sets, online, and the occasional workshop but I would love to work more closely with established professionals on a regular basis. Any thoughts on a young professional reaching out to DPs and if/how they should approach it?


Open to all suggestions and opinions. Thank you!

Roger Deakins
12 months ago
Roger Deakins 12 months ago

You could try getting in touch with a cinematographer directly but, it seems to me, such apprenticeships come from some previous relationship started at a film school or in a rental house. I hoped someone else could offer advice here!

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