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Not Roger.

Interesting Photo. A well conceived Dolly with lockable steering and carry handles too. I can’t really tell but it looks like it has folding legs and again is lockable. Pneumatic tyres is great as you can alter the tyre pressure to suit the ground surface, soft being the ideal choice to soak up the bumps and cause enough “drag” to stop it free wheeling. It would be better if it had brakes to lock it in place probably the Mk 2 will do that. Obviously, Chinese made but some brands are well engineered and should not be dismissed. Well worth the investment and tenth of the cost of the PRO market gear.

Btw, Pneumatic tyres was common place from 1930 - 1960’s, the Austin dolly lead the way with its steerable wheels and was used on nearly every film. Watch a 1940’s film using reference headphones and listen to the squealing of tyres on the painted concrete surface, while the Director was shouting at the crew.

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