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Advice to my Cinematography class about working on set (1 reply)

1 month ago
Zahn_Schultz 1 month ago


My name is Zahn and I am at Film student at Central Washington University in Ellensburg WA. I am doing a research presentation for my Cinematography class on a cinematographer of my choosing, and of course I had to choose Roger Deakins. I was wondering if you had any info or tips that you wish you would have known when you first started as a cinematographer? I would love to share some knowledge to my class, and I know we would all greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much and have a great day. 

Roger Deakins
3 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 3 weeks ago

Things could have been different and there are things that I could have been more aware of but that's like wishing for another life.I am quite happy with what has happened to me given where I started from. We all start out from different places with different experiences so it is hard to give advice.

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