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Dear Roger,

First of all, thank you for providing this resource... "Sending the elevator back down" is a greatly appreciated, especially by those of us that adore your work.

I'm an actor-turned-writer who has just sold a script, and while I did envision directing eventually I've been fast-tracked to directing this feature by the producer due to my vision and personal connection with the material. I will be relying on my heads of department quite heavily, and while I am researching, honing and articulating my visual preferences (creating my lookbook etc), and I do have an amatuer stills background, I definitely could not talk framing, shot selection or technical aspects of the pricess to the degree my DP-to-be could. My intention is to bring them on during storyboarding and involve them as early as possible, so, with that context, could you give any advice regarding collaborating and communicating with the DP? Is there anything you really LOVE or HATE from a director? And any other words of advice given the circumstances? I'm open to all other's opinions on this too -- I'm a sponge! 

For reference, mine is a prison drama set in 1960s Australia: the redemptive true story of a group of uneducated prisoners who, guided by a visionary parole officer, took on the state debating championship.

Thank you once again for your time, and for all your beautiful work.



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