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That sounds like an interesting project and I wish you well on it.

Every director that I have worked with has had slightly different skills and a slightly different way of working as well. What they all have in common is a passion for what they do and a respect for the people around them. To me collaboration is key. You don't need the technical know how but I would say that you do need to know what you like and what you don't like. Decision making is important as there really is never enough time in the day. Trust your cinematographer but don't be afraid to say what you think.

Personally, I like being there for storyboarding and for initial location scouts. If I am going to do a film I want to do it the best I can and that means being involved early. The last thing I want to do is turn up only for the Director and Production Designer to say "These are the locations that we are using and here are the storyboards". Of course, some cinematographers might like that!

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