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Hello Roger,

I've been wanting to ask you these questions about your process of LUT creation for a while, it would fantastic if you can shed your light on these =) Big thanks in advance!

1) What is your process of creating your LUT. I understand that you mentioned that you give the image of a little contrast and warm up the shadow and the desaturate a bit, but I guess what I'm ask would be more along the line of the actual process/workflow. (e.g. light a test scene with a certain look and record - then take the Log C/Raw footage to convert to REC709 and add your changes upon that - then load into display monitor onset for reference?)

2) What program do you use with your DIT to create these LUTs? 

3) Do you eventually grade your footage exactly like your LUT or do you just use your LUT as a very close reference as to what you would like to do with that RAW footage of yours? and maybe do minor changes and tweaks in post to your likings? 

Apologize for bombarding your with three questions at once. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


David Yao

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