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Hi dqiangyao»,

This is Matt, I am an Imaging Scientist that has had the honor of working with Roger on creating the LUT that he has used for certain shows.

The process of creating a LUT can be a very personal journey that includes the DP, Colorist and Imaging Science.  I have had the privilege of creating custom LUTs for DP's and each one is specific to the needs of the that show.  Point being, there is no real formula.  It is about understanding what the DP is trying to achieve for that particular show and using test footage that the DP has shot to visual work through the process. 

There is no magic formula or software package that you can lift from Roger's experiences to create your LUT.  If you would like to create your LUT you should, I would recommend that you do so in colaboration with your colorist, and (if you have access) an Imaging Scientist.  The goal is create the Look that you are trying to achieve.  

One important note would be understand your goals.  I am a big fan of creating show LUTs that are based on Digital Cinema and then create the rec709 version as a subset of the Digital Cinema version.

Roger has traditionally shot his material through his LUT, meaning that Roger lights on set while previewing his imagery.  

What does that mean?  It means that the LUT is not magic, it is a starting point base look.  A large part of the magic comes from Roger and his ability to light a scene.  Focus on lighting skills.  Use that as your base point.   A show LUT can be very useful but will never replace artistic lighting.

How you choose to use a LUT may not be how someone else uses a LUT in a show.  I encourage you find your own path.

I understand my answer is a bit metaphoric and perhaps frustrating but my point is that the journey of creating a movie is a personal journey.

I, of course, am glad to discuss in greater detail or talk specifics about your situation if you would like.

Please let me know if there are any questions,



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