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From reading through those threads on LUTS i have a question i would love someone to answer. I would like to create a LUT to use in conjunction with Log C on the Alexa. I would use the LUT on a 3D LUT capable monitor rather than in the camera.

As i understand it, there are two basic ways you could create this LUT.

1. Creating a LUT by taking an Arri LUT/3D LUT from their website and changing the values in code.

2. Creating a look/grade in Da Vinci Resolve, saving it as a 3D LUT and then importing that into a 3D LUT capable monitor or Arri Amira via the Arri Color Tool.

My question is how viable is approach number 2? Using Da Vinci resolve to create a look and saving as a 3D LUT is much more straight forward than using math to edit the code of a LUT. I understand that there are certain things in terms of moving colour values etc that using code is most likely more accurate for, but is it not possible to at least get a good LUT from the Da Vinci Resolve approach? Matthew Tomlinson the image science guru spoke about option 1 but not 2 and i'm wondering why this option did not come up since it is so much more straight forward for the average user?

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