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Viewing your older films with current technology (1 reply)

5 months ago
TWSILK 5 months ago

Hi Roger, 

I wondered what you thought about how films you did in the past on film look in the current climate whether it is the digital DCPs and High Def home TV vs original 35mm prints.  I just saw Fargo two weeks ago as part of the anniversary  screening, and while it still looked good, it didn't have the same clarity and contrast that my friend's 35mm print has.    The feel of the grain was also gone.  I've noticed many of my favorite films with the high def tv  actually shows more of their  fill lights and gives more of a false look to the scene, then in a proper cinema environment they feel more real.   I am a real believer in seeing films as they were intended, but there are are  hardly anymore 35mm cinemas.  

5 months ago
Mike 5 months ago

Interesting post.

Take a trip to India and you will find plenty of 35mm film projectors still being used by small independent cinemas, the venues may not be as glamorous as the big city ones but they are alive and well and still turning over a profit. Local generators supply the ‘sparks’ and perhaps speed may fluctuate at times but who cares when those images appear on a make shift screen, nothing better than the clatter   and smell of a ‘cooking‘ projector as it tries to pull through worn celluloid into that magical bean of light. Even better when it takes place under canvas. Happy days! 

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